The Drynet Podcast Series: “Good Food for a Better Normal”


The Drynet podcast series “Good Food for a Better Normal” is a series of conversations with visionary experts from around the world, exploring some of the most pressing environmental challenges that relate to life on land, and the people who use the land to produce food. 

The COVID crisis has brought the fault lines of modern food systems into sharp focus and exposed the most vulnerable to great hardship. Industrial agriculture contributes to unhealthy diets and cost the earth in terms of environmental impacts like global warming and loss of biodiversity. Gain new insights into the complex systems that sustain life on the planet and put food on our tables.

The podcast series presents the view and insights of:

episode 1 “Food security and COVID: a global perspective” with Professor Patrick Caron, former Chair of the High-Level Panel of Experts (HLPE) of the United Nations (UN) Committee on Food Security and Nutrition. 

episode 2 “Food security in the times of COVID: a view from the ground” with John Nzira, agroecology practitioner and trainer in southern Africa.

episode 3: “Good Food for a Better Normal: reinventing food systems to serve humanity” with Professor Rachel Wynberg, scholar-activist, and bioeconomy researcher. 

episode 4: “Enhancing Resilience of the Land: a scientific perspective” with Professor Annette Cowie, Land Degradation advisor of the Global Environment Facility (GEF) Scientific and Technical Advisory Panel (STAP).

episode 5: “Conservation through agriculture” with Dr Jonathan Davies, Senior Agriculture Advisor of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)

episode 6: “Thinking Globally – Acting Locally: Why the Rio Conventions matter” with Dr Mariam Akhtar-Schuster, Senior Scientist with the Project Management Agency of the German Aerospace Centre and former Co-Chair of the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) Science-Policy Interface (SPI) 

episode 7 (in French): “How inequitable and unsustainable food systems destroy natural resources, degrade the land, reduce biodiversity and deplete water resources” with Silvestre Tiemtoré, sociologist, philosopher and Coordinator of the Permanent Secretariat of NGOs in Burkina Faso  

episode 8 (in French): “Ecological agriculture demonstrates the importance of land and the urgency of the fight against land grabbing” with Mariam Sow, chair of the board of directors of Environment Development Action in the Third World (ENDA-TM)

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