DCG Mali



DCG Mali was founded in April 1999 by the Norwegian NGOs working in Mali. The decision to create DCG Mali was taken during a seminar organized by DCG Norway and the three NGOs, CARE, Norwegian Church Aid, and the Strømme Foundation.

In February 2003, DCG Mali, which was then comprised of only three members, organized a workshop to enlarge its membership with more than 20 national NGOs, State institutes, and agricultural research institutes.


DCG Mali is a forum of exchange, representation, reflection, and action for the participation of a collective group of NGOs, NGOs, State institutes, and research institutes that work for the development, implementation, and follow-up/evaluation of the policies on food security and natural resource management. The specific objectives of DCG Mali are the following:

  • Ensure DCG Mali’s representation at the national and international level.
  • Promote the establishment and performance of a communication system within the network.
  • Reinforce the capacities of the members.
  • Contribute towards the reinforcement of Mali’s civil society in DCG Mali’s work areas.

Telephone number(s): +223 229 53 95

Fax: +223 02770138

Website: http://www.drylands-group.org/Countries/Mali/index.html?show=fulltext

Contact: Amidou Sako

E-mail address(es): gcoza-mali at drylands-group.org


DRYLANDS COORDINATION GROUP - MALI, Lafiabougou, Rue 384, Porte 104, Bamako, Mali

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