The Centro de Assessoria e Apoio aos Trabalhadores e Instituições Não Governamentais Alternativas, or Centre for Advice and Support to Workers and Alternative Non-Governmental Institutions (known by the acronym CAATINGA) develops projects that contribute to the sustainability of agro-ecosystems and for agroecological education in the semiarid region of Brazil in partnership with international agencies and government programs. CAATINGA also contributes to the formulation of appropriate public policies and joint partnerships to define technical strategies and proposals in ways that enable them to enhance the dignity of people.

Currently the organization operates in 11 municipalities in the Sertão de Araripe region in Pernambuco State, including the city of Parnamirimin the Sertão Central region. Indirectly, its actions extend to the entire semiarid region of Brazil through participation in joint actions and forums.

In disseminating its mission of agroecology for a dignified life in the semiarid region, CAATINGA has focused its action on three main areas:

  • The Right to Food, Food Security and Family Economics – Increasing the capacity of farming families to structure their food production systems for the family and the market in ways that are more resistant and resilient to climate change and periods of severe drought, and enabling their organizations to focus on public policies so as to secure their rights;
  • Women’s Rights and Gender Equality – Strengthening women farmers and their representative organizations to demand and access their rights;
  • Environmental and Citizenship Education in Context –Mobilize local and regional stakeholders to enable them to act more effectively as citizens in defence of their environmental rights.

Telephone number: + 55 87 3874-1258


Contact: Paulo Pedro de Carvalho

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Av. Engenheiro Camacho, 475 –Renascença, CEP: 56200-000 Ouricuri/Pernambuco - Brazil

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