Opportunities to contribute to the second edition of Global Land Outlook (GLO2)


The second edition of the Global Land Outlook (GLO2) is now under preparation and will be launched in 2021 at UNCCD COP15. It aims to support the United Nations Decade on Ecosystem Restoration by offering a positive narrative and future scenarios that stress the potential and opportunities afforded by a continuum of restoration activities that improve environmental conditions by avoiding, reducing, and reversing land degradation while at the same time deliver multiple benefits (i.e., ecosystem goods and services) that underwrite the current and future sustainability of our societies, economies, and the planet.

GLO2 print and digital products will focus on promoting and learning from case studies and good practice examples from around the world. case studies in a range of formats (e.g., comprehensive, full page, box, pull outs) for GLO2 report and the digital platform. A strategic communications campaign will enhance the dissemination of case studies by linking social and other media to the GLO2 knowledge base created.

UNCCD stakeholders have the opportunity to submit case studies at the regional, national, or sub-national scale that illustrate conservation, sustainable land management, and restoration activities that have a positive impact on communities and nations. Case studies can be submitted by stakeholders via their national UNCCD Focal Points before 31 October 2020.

→ the first edition of GLO can be accessed here

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