Great Green Wall Initiative and CSOs Forum (Ouagadougou, 24-26 July 2018)


The Great Wall and Civil Society Forum was held from 24 to 26 July 2018 in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso on the theme « Accelerating the implementation of the Great Green Wall Initiative: What roles for the society? »

More than 100 participants attended the Forum, coming from various organizations and representing countries implementing the GGWI, international and national civil society organizations, community organizations, local communities, development partners, among others. Drynet was represented by all its members involved in this African initiative: ENDA, LA ROSE, CARI and Resad.

The Agenda covered key issues for the GGW, such as (i) Coordination and synergy of actors, (ii) Communication and Knowledge Management, (iii) Monitoring and Evaluation, (iv) Resource Mobilization, (v) South‐South and North-South Cooperation.

The participants highlighted the need for them to promote and to foster ownership of the concept of the Great Green Wall.  All the participants agreed on the characterization of the GGWI as an intersectoral and integrated programme that takes into account socio‐economic and ecological realities of arid and semi‐arid lands in Africa. In this perspective the GGWI goes beyond resilience / humanitarian aspects to embrace the integrated development of communities. At the African level the Great Green Wall is conceived as a regional programme that federates and strengthens synergies in the implementation processes of the 3 Rio Conventions in African countries, with the aim to ensure that initiatives undertaken by Governments towards sustainable development goals and African Union Agenda 2063’s aspirations (“the Africa we want”) can be extended to dryland areas.

It is worth noting that, under the item «North-South-South cooperation», LA ROSE made a presentation on Drynet, highlighting our wish to share experience and build partnerships with African GGW CSOs. This was well received by the participants and, as a result, the final recommendations should emphasize the need for the GGW CSOs to develop South-South cooperation with interested CSOs in Asia and Latin America, notably on exchange of experience, capacity building, preserving and valorizing traditional knowledge, and on technology transfer as well.

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