Drynet Partners Activities for 17 June 2016, World Day to Combat Desertification


Protect Earth. Restore Land. Engage People” – 17 June 2016 marks World Day to Combat Desertification. A day designated by the United Nations General Assembly in order to raise global awareness about efforts to combat desertification and the effects of drought. The 2016 World Day campaign and activities should build on the Sustainable Development Goals which has prioritized a land degradation‐neutral world by 2030.

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Below is a table of activities that will be coordinated or supported by the Drynet Partners. To add your organisation’s activities to the list, please email Candice, candicelee23@gmail.com.


Gram Bharati Samiti


Title Venue Organized by
Seminar Women’s role in conservation of forests Village Bardasar (Churu) Manav Pragati Sansthan (MPS)


Restoration of rain water harvesting structures Jaisalmer

Gram Bharati Samiti (GBS) and Manav Pragati Sansthan


Women on drought and desertification Jodhpur Meera Sansthan


Role of forests in people’s life Katihar Welfare India
Rally and conference Awareness on reasons of drought and scarcity of water Village Harsoli (Jaipur)

Prayas Kendra Sanstha

Quiz What youth can do to combat drought and desertification Kapasan

Navachar Sansthan


Youth for conservation of natural resources Varanasi

Yuva  Gramya Vikas Samiti



Water conservation to combat drought and desertification Amber (Jaipur)

Gram Bharati Samiti


Quiz competition Water and desertification Village Arjunpura (Jaipur)


Sushil Public School

For more information, please see Gram Bharati Samiti

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AIDER (08 – 17 June 2016)

Event Title Venue

Organized by

Arborization and reforestation

Adopt a tree Public areas of four districts in Piura (La Matanza, La Arena, Piura and Castilla) AIDER, District Municipalities, CDLCDP
Public photographic exhibition


Inauguration of “Expo-desert” Exhibition Open Plaza Mall, Piura

AIDER, Regional Government of Piura, CDLCDP

Public workshop Exchange of experiences in combating desertification and land degradation Auditorium of University of Piura, Piura


AIDER, University of Piura, IPRODE
Public event Sustainable Development Goals and land degradation Lima (venue to be confirmed)

AIDER, UICN Peru, Peruvian Environmental Network

For more information, please go AIDER



Event Title Venue Organized by
Joint dialogue and discussion session. The session is public and the important topics to combat desertification will be discussed by 11 panelists and the participants of the event. Mother Earth, Desert and People Iran CENESTA, The women’s society for combating Environmental Pollution Tehran and Isfahan Branch, BOOM Ban, Ashoura-Deh Platform, Heeloo, Hormat-e-Hayat, Sarveh Kouhi, Atazis, Iranian Association for Environmental Assessment, Environmental and Natural Resources Samans,Iran’s Architecture Pride-worthies Foundation, The Green Peace Students Committee of Amir Kabir university, Art and Culture organization of Tehran Municipality and Imam Ali Religious Arts MuseumFor more information on the World Meeting in Chaco, please contact Probioma

Please see CENESTA for more details

  Event Title Venue Organized by
Initiated at the request of the Bolivian government, Probioma facilitated the development process for the creation of the State Agency for Biosafety and Biotechnology State Agency for Biosafety and Biotechnology Bolivia Government of Bolivia, Probioma
Participation of Probioma in World Meeting of Chaco World Meeting of Chaco Bolivia Various organisations


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Event Title Venue Organized by
Tree Planting Planting 1000 trees Nagarparkar of District Tharparkar SCOPE

Please contact SCOPE for more details

Film Screening Farmers adapting to Climate Change TBA GCOZA, (and Ministry for Environment)

Please GCOZA for more details

Event Title Venue Organized by
Awareness Campaign and launch of a Community Adaptation project to raise awareness and promote Sustainable Land Management in the Small-holder rooibos tea producing community. #MotherEarth – Beneath Our feet Environmental Monitoring Group offices, Nieuwoudtville 17 June and Melkraal Farm, Suid Bokkeveld 18 June 2016 Environmental Monitoring Group. Heiveld Cooperative and Indigo Development & Change.

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