Both ENDSNiger 15.10.2015 Ecosystem: semi arid

Building on a current green revolution in the Sahel: Some lessons from farmer-managed re-greening in Niger

A recent study on long-term trends in agriculture and environment in Niger, which was done by the Centre for International Cooperation of the VU University of Amsterdam, uncovered the fact that farmers in the densely populated regions of Niger had protected and managed regeneration of trees on their far…

Niger 10.10.2015 Ecosystem: Semi-Arid

Programme éducatif et opérationnel de développement durable pour une approche globale de la lutte contre la désertification

Programme éducatif et opérationnel de développement durable, 4 ans, 2004-2007 Summary Niger – Local sustainable development in the Niamey region  Background Story Objectif: Permettre l’émergence…

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