Mauritania 16.10.2015


Tenmiya – a été fondée par un groupe d’ingénieurs Mauritanien en 1994. Elle a son siège à Nouakchott.

Mauritania 12.10.2015 Ecosystem: Semi-arid Land, River Basin

Biogas a reality in the valley of the Senegal river in Mauritania

Animal waste, an inexhaustible energy source Summary The environment of the valley of the Senegal stream is very fragile and exposed to several factors of…

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Mauritania 07.10.2015 Ecosystem: Agriculture urbaine

A municipal plan of action for urban agriculture in Nouakchott – Mauritania

Food security, fight against poverty and urban management in a context of scarcity of water resources – profile diagnosis (2001-2004) Summary In a process of…

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