Ecological Restoration


The Drynet Podcast Series: “Good Food for a Better Normal”

The Drynet podcast series “Good Food for a Better Normal” is a series of conversations with visionary experts from around the world, exploring some of…

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PROBIOMABolivia 15.10.2015 Ecosystem: arid (high altitude)

Native Windbreaks in the Bolivian Altiplano Control of desertification caused by Quinoa

Category: ecological restoration – The Southern Altiplano of Bolivia is one of the world’s harshest environments. Situated at over 3.500 metres above sea level, with a cold a dry climate, it is one of Bolivia’s desertification hotspots, with high levels of land degradation and poverty. At the same time, the region has a rich biodiversity, and…

Uzbekistan 12.10.2015 Ecosystem: Mountainous, Semi-arid

Establishment of the Nuratau-Kyzylkum Biosphere Reserve as a model for biodiversity conservation – Uzbekistan

Summary Uzbekistan – Nuratau-Kyzylkum Biosphere Reserve as a model for biodiversity conservation Background Story Introduction Desertification is a result of many factors; the development of…

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Iran 10.10.2015 Ecosystem: Dryland

Participatory afforestation for carbon sequestration in Drylands – Iran

Summary The project has been designed to demonstrate that desertified rangelands can be cost-effectively reclaimed by, and for the benefit of, local people and that…

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Turkey 05.10.2015 Ecosystem: Dry Climate

The Kop and Burnazdere Microcatchments in Bayburt region – Turkey

Erosion control, natural resources management and rural development in Bayburt Region Summary Erosion and desertification are global problems. The Destruction of vegetation and soil are…

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