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Today 70% of the victims of serious and permanent undernourishment – an estimated 600 million people – live in semi-arid and arid ecosystems or “drylands”. Examples of drylands are deserts, grasslands and savannahs, which currently cover 41% of the global land area. Natural resources, cultivation and livestock-rearing remain centrally important to the economies and livelihoods of the majority of people who live in drylands.

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Organic wild rooibos in South Africa’s dryland “South Africa is the home of rooibos, an ancient, health giving herbal infusion, discovered thousands of years ago…

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Launch of the AVACLIM project

The AVACLIM project was developed by Drynet member CARI in collaboration with Both ENDS, EMG and other members. Its full title is “Agroecology, ensuring food…

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