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TOGO WELFARE is a youth NGO established in 2009 by female university students for protection and promotion of the rights of female students. In 2014 it was legally registered. The membership as of April 2018 stand at 4090 (87% women) and include students, unemployed youths and employed youths. In 2017 it established the first thematic web based tv ( The association has ECOSOC status and is accredited to BRS Conventions, SAICM, UNCCD and UNEA. Working areas: chemicals safety, climate change, agroecology, gender, sustainable development, culture and youth employment.

Recent projects include:

  1. Rapid Assessment of Consumer Products Containing Manufactured Nano-materials in the City of Lome,
  2. Sustainable farming – zero tillage, contour cultivation and mulching in the semi desert northern area of Togo
  3. Empowering girl students through formation of student environmental clubs and Monday Debates, project won the UNEP Energy Globe Award in 2017
  4. Break the Silence – a project for combating GBV whereby women are encouraged and facilitated to speak out about their ordeals.


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