TEMA Turkey

TEMA was founded in 1992 and became the largest environmental NGO in Turkey with over 300.000 supporters and 555 voluntary representatives.

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SCOPE Pakistan

SCOPE is a NGO formed in 1988 to protect environment, it is dedicated to environment and combating desertification and drought in dryland areas.

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DCG Mali Mali

DCG Mali’s mission is to contribute to the development of Mali through strengthening the participation of the DCG members in activities linked to food security and natural resource management.

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ENDA – TM Senegal

Environnement et Développement du Tiers Monde (Enda-tm), fondée en 1972 à Dakar, s’est constituée le 27 juin 1978 comme organisation internationale à caractère associatif et à but non lucratif.

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TENMIYA Mauritania

Tenmiya – a été fondée par un groupe d’ingénieurs Mauritanien en 1994. Elle a son siège à Nouakchott.

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EMG South Africa

The Environmental Monitoring Group (EMG), established in 1991, is a non-profit NGO based in Cape Town with a professional staff of 8 people and funded by a range of international donors.

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