41 Initiatives
Chile 12.10.2015 Ecosystem: Dry sub-humid: Woodlands

Restoring Biodiversity with Native Plants – Chile

Indigenous Communities Responding to Monoculture Tree Plantations Summary Land degradation: Vegetation degradation by extensive forestry monoculture, soil and water degradation by agro-chemical use Initiative by: Hguallen Pelu…

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Uzbekistan 12.10.2015 Ecosystem: Water and Dryland

Media Tour – Uzbekistan

Raising environmental awareness of journalists and the public Summary Uzbekistan’s mass media provide no special coverage of ecological issues. Meantime, the country is experiencing degradation…

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Turkey 10.10.2015 Ecosystem: Semi-Arid

The Cütlük Saffron Project – Turkey

The Protection of Saffron Gene Resources and the Improvement of Saffron Agriculture Summary Saffron (Crocus sativus L.) which is known as “Turkish Saffron” until the…

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